How Do You PROVE Your Product or Service Claims?

Many companies make bold marketing claims that are hard to prove & often unsubstantiated, so go largely unbelieved.

So Keep it Simple: Say It – Do it – Prove It!

In purchasing your product or Service with the exception of cost, what elements are most important to your Customer?

Quality of Product or Service?

When customers find a product or service they trust, they return, make repeat purchases, and recommend the product or service to others. Develop a Mgt System with processes that consistently deliver on time & at minimum, to your customer’s requirements. Then Independently certify your Claims – ISO 9001 Certification

Security of Their Information & Privacy?

Without the proper checks and balances in place to safeguard customer data, things can go sideways very quickly. Develop a Mgt System that risk assesses all information you hold ensuring you fully implement the controls required to effectively protect both their & your own information, then inspire customer confidence by Independently Certifying – ISO 27001 Certification

The Potential Health & Safety Impact of Your Operations:

Health and safety is an integral part of any and every business as it ensures that the well-being of employees, customers and visitors is protected. Alleviate potential customer concerns over the Safety of your operations, products or services by having your H&S Systems certified – ISO 45001 Certification – (replacing OHSAS 18001)

Your Possible Impact on the Environment or Their Environmental Profile:

Many companies place great importance on their Environmental profile. A Unilever study reveals a third of consumers are now buying from brands based on their social and environmental impact. Good practice can attract new customers Demonstrate you take your potential environmental impacts seriously by certifying to a recognised Environmental Standard – ISO 14001 Certification

Wear the badges with pride – #iso9001 #iso27001 #iso45001 #iso14001

Say It – Do it……….. PROVE IT!

Which ISO Best Fits You?

You should consider which standard/s could help improve your business against which standard/s would most impress your potential client base –

ISO 9001 helps you monitor & improve both your processes & client perception. It also gives you the discipline to ensure you don’t miss critical details in pursuit of profits & deadlines.

ISO 27001 makes you have a closer look at the information you hold &the security of it – protects against info loss that could publicly damage your brand.

ISO 14001 ensures you minimize your impact on the environment – gives you a clear conscience, green credentials & can impress potential clients.

OHSAS 18001 ensures you minimize risk to all personnel or anyone else affected by your activities – shows due diligence if in the unfortunate event, you have an accident or incident.

Ultimately it can boil down to “Return on Investment”

Ask: Will implementing these standards increase profits through improvement in internal operations or by helping you meet client & tender requirements?

#ISO9001 , #ISO27001 , #ISO14001 & #OHSAS18001 #UKAS or Non-UKAS?

A Minefield to the Uninitiated – “The ISO Virgin”

For many individuals their first interest in the ISO Standards is generated from a client request, tick box on a tender, or request from a Director to “find out what it is”, or simply *get it”. This leads to the obvious place of research – the internet.

It is there that individuals can easily be drawn in to high ranking websites with impressive terminology & even #Celebrity endorsement, see this amazing promotion of “Non-UKAS” Certification by Nick Hewer of #TheApprentice , apparently now a “Certification Ambassador” – Nick Hewer of #Apprentice

People with limited time and/or budget can also be drawn to attractive terms such as “3 Simple Steps”, Fast & Cost Effective”, “Complete Solution”. You can similarly obtain a “Degree” on the internet – Fast, Cost Effective, Complete Solution & in just 1 Simple Step – would you employ someone with one of those degrees when there are so many genuine people who have legitimately worked hard for theirs?

Ultimately you get what’s written on the packet. If it says it is fast & cheap – it is fast & cheap. If the Certification or Logo you attach to your company says “fast & cheap, then………

Non-UKAS Certification companies inevitably follow the same 3 step process, visit & give you an off the shelf system/document – ludicrously easy audit that no company fails – issue their own certificate.

For credible, recognized Certification it is like sitting your driving test, anybody can teach you to drive – but you must be assessed by an independent DVLA approved examiner. Imagine the roads if licences could be guaranteed first time just by making a payment – issued in “3 simple cost effective steps” , Lesson – Test – Pass!! All credible Certification is assessed or marked by independent bodies – GCSEs, A Levels, Degrees, Driving Licences, Gas Safe Engineer etc. There is a level you must achieve to pass, not good enough you fail – that’s what sets a Standard.

UKAS are the only Accreditation Body in this country, recognised by both ISO & The British Government –

We believe we offer the best route to the only credible form of certification in the UK – #ISO9001 , #ISO27001 , #ISO14001 & #OHSAS18001 #UKAS #Certification .


We do this by deploying key safety nets in the process – We Document Your Systems – We Advise on Implementation – We Fully Audit you – We Follow Up & Help Close Out Our Audit Findings – We Represent at independent UKAS Certification.

Being totally honest all #ISOConsultancy companies will tell you they are the best & we are no different so shop around. Be sure of one thing though – make sure it is a #UKASCertificate !!