ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 – So What’s the Cost Then?

The cost of ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 breaks into 3 clear elements –

• Man hours of your internal staff (often overlooked)

• External training or consultants help

• Independent UKAS Approved Certification Body

There are one-stop shop companies who sell “guaranteed certification”, “in 30 days” etc. These are generally not UKAS approved & therefore most would regard these certificates as totally worthless. Basically, pay the money – get your certificate (guaranteed). UKAS Approved Certification Bodies are totally independent – so like a driving examiner, if you don’t meet the standard you fail. Guaranteed certification on payment of an invoice could never be a measure of quality, information security etc – in fact it is more a reflection on your company’s disregard for standards.

So to the costs! The first 2 cost elements are directly related – Internal Resources/External Help. External help should reduce the amount of Internal Resource you require. How much help do you need to pass your Test? –

• Training Courses give a good but generic overview of the standard

• Carefully selected External Consultants can fast-track the process

We believe because it is our offering, that good consultancy help is the most cost effective as costs are more predictable. Even attending the best external courses you will already have eaten into your man hours, but still have no actual experience of implementing a system. The task will therefore be more laborious & you will end up operating to a system built by a beginner (increasing ongoing costs & efficiency). A novice normally takes a “Belt & Braces” approach to gaining certification, therefore establishing a cumbersome & bureaucratic system impractical to maintain. A good consultant will fast-track the process, provide a professional system & take you down a well trodden path to Guaranteed UKAS Certification.

The fees for a UKAS Certification audit will vary. Either your consultant should advise, or you should select yourself

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Is the new ISO9001 Standard a Jurassic Fantasy?

“Risk management is a new and welcome addition to ISO 9001.” I don’t think so, certainly for some companies but not as a requirement to achieve Certification of your Quality Management System. This has taken the standard back to pre 1994 and the days of BS5750.

BS5750 was originally derived from the Military Standards & was based around manufacturing. As the decades have passed, UK manufacturing has dwindled while Service Companies have come to the fore. This is largely why the Process Model adopted for ISO 9001:2000 was introduced & embraced as a welcome change.

ISO 9001 in my opinion should provide an adequate framework for a company to consistently deliver its services or goods. It should not enforce practices that add bureaucracy or paperwork while not necessarily impacting quality in any way.

The bulk of our ISO9001 clients, as with the bulk of companies in the UK are non-manufacturers – this has therefore been written by dinosaurs for the few remaining bastions of manufacture & does not reflect the elements required to quality manage modern day services.

QM.UK’s immediate task will be to address this element with minimalism for those where it serves little purpose….

Grant QM.UK