ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 – How Long Does It Take?

Time Scale varies greatly for the various ISO offerings in the Market Place, as does client requirements & expectations. The time to Certification depends on Internal Expertise, External Help, Management Commitment, Internal Resource & the Route you chose.

As independent UKAS Certification is the only certification recognised by ISO & the British Government, if you choose any other route – pay your money and demand it right away. Don’t be surprised though if it costs business rather than creates.

3 main routes to UKAS Certification:

1. Internal Expertise

If you have an internal member of your team who has been through the process before or is a relevant practising Quality, Information Security, Environmental or Health & Safety Mgr, he will probably be able to successfully guide you through the process. Timeframe will depend on how much experience they have of taking organisations through the process & how much commitment they get from their colleagues. Being internal the most frequent downfall is that chargeable work often tends to take priority & ISO is often put on the back burner – or seen as almost the sole responsibility of that Manager & is hard to integrate.

2. Training

If you wish to proceed without an external consultant but do not have the full internal expertise to proceed, there are training courses available. We would recommend you seek UKAS Certification Bodies for these courses. The trouble is these courses are very generic & we would only recommend this route if you have a Manager or person who may just fall short. We would recommend them as refresher or top-up courses, rather than a one-stop shop to ISO Certification. Timeframe raises same concerns as previous route, only a less experienced person is likely to attract less internal commitment & their aptitude for training is less predictable. The less experienced the person is, the more likely they are to go “Belt & Braces” with their systems to ensure conformance to all the clauses. This often produces cumbersome systems costly & time consuming to maintain ongoing.

3. External Consultancy

External Consultants who have several years experience of implementing systems & gaining ISO Certification should give a more predictable outcome. “Buyers Beware” – consultants can promise to meet your fast-track timeframes, but it is still less than predictable. To successfully implement a system & be able to demonstrate full integration into your working practices, there still requires internal commitment & resource. While an external consultant can produce a lean, dynamic system & guarantee a positive outcome – timeframe will still rely heavily on Internal Commitment.

While at QM.UK we offer the third option, we recommend you explore all options before making a decision.

QM.UK UKAS ISO 9001. ISO 27001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 Consultants

ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 in 60 Days – UKAS!

Our first 2 clients operating in the Banking & Software Sectors engaging our fast track – UKAS ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 Certification in 60 Days, completed this week –

Redline Application Services:

Provides software and services to lenders to support the full end to end credit lifecycle from origination, through scoring, decision making, document production or e-signing, into account management and on to debt collection.

Reference for our Fast-Track Process can be obtained from Steve Toms (Managing Director) @


Specialises in real time, anti-fraud technology solutions which can be accessed instantly via the web or provided as an integrated solution.

Reference for our Fast-Track Process can be obtained from Francis Lang (Head of Development) @

Part of a small group, both companies proceeded simultaneously, which enabled us to fully utilise consultancy days & minimise costs. The full process from initial visit on 29th October, until conclusion of successful Assessment by a UKAS Approved Certification Body on 15th December took 49 days.

Proceeding at such pace took full commitment & dedication by Senior Personnel & wouldn’t have had the positive outcome otherwise. Without that commitment we wouldn’t advise such pace….

ISO 27001 in 60 Days – UKAS

ISO 27001 is the internationally recognized Information Security Management Standard. It defines the elements of control required by a company to protect all information it holds

In an ever increasing age of security awareness & media exposure of careless information handling, the protection of data is critical. Sectors such as finance, health, public and IT have become particularly sensitive. Hence, certification to the standard is increasingly winning both confidence & new contracts

Our service is to a structured process, but can be adapted to meet individual requirements. Providing you fully accept our guidance we GUARANTEE Certification. Our comprehensive process delivered by a dedicated consultant includes, but is not restricted to:

Initial meeting to instruct on identifying Information Assets, conducting a full Risk Assessment & completing a Statement of Applicability – all documents provided

Full online & telephone support to progress these documents

Produce bespoke documented System Manual & Policy Templates

Next meeting to explain remaining elements of System Implementation

Full online support to complete documents & fully implement System

Visit/Pre-UKAS Audit of your system & operations

Visit/Remedial Action Support/UKAS Preparation

Visit/Representation & Support during UKAS Assessment

For an SME you will need to appoint an Information Security Representative to liaise & be trained by us. This will take 12-20 days of their time, dependent on their background

Fixed Cost £4 300 QM.UK + £1130 UKAS Cert Fees = £5430 Total

Note: Most consultancies don’t quote UKAS Fees or their attendance to support – this is normally an unexpected “add-on”, raising costs by about 60%

These costs cover up to around 30 employees operating out of one location – for a full quote regardless of business size, just use the form or give us a ring – ENQUIRIES

For pre-Xmas Delivery, orders must be placed before 20th October 2015 🙂