Which ISO Best Fits You?

You should consider which standard/s could help improve your business against which standard/s would most impress your potential client base –

ISO 9001 helps you monitor & improve both your processes & client perception. It also gives you the discipline to ensure you don’t miss critical details in pursuit of profits & deadlines.

ISO 27001 makes you have a closer look at the information you hold &the security of it – protects against info loss that could publicly damage your brand.

ISO 14001 ensures you minimize your impact on the environment – gives you a clear conscience, green credentials & can impress potential clients.

OHSAS 18001 ensures you minimize risk to all personnel or anyone else affected by your activities – shows due diligence if in the unfortunate event, you have an accident or incident.

Ultimately it can boil down to “Return on Investment”

Ask: Will implementing these standards increase profits through improvement in internal operations or by helping you meet client & tender requirements?

Wait for new #ISO9001 or #ISO14001


By the time these standards are finally approved & the UKAS Certification Bodies are approved to assess against them, it will likely be the middle of next year before you will be able to receive a Certificate.

Like all new standards they will be open to interpretation by not only the various UKAS Certification Bodies, but by individual auditors as well. My advice would be the same for a new piece of Software or Windows10 in particular – let others sort out the bugs! If certified to the current standards, you will then have up to 3 years to then change to the revised requirements.

You will also have the commercial advantage of being certified up to a year earlier.

Grant www.qmuk.co.uk