Frequently asked questions:

How long does it take?

It is dependent on the complexity & size of your business, i.e. number of premises, personnel, processes etc. Normally certification to 9001, 14001 or both will take 2 – 9 months from commencement of project. We have fast-tracked to 30 days but that is exceptional.

How much will it cost?

It is the sum of internal man-hours, consultancy fees (if consultancy used) & the assessment fee of a UKAS approved body (if used). You will have to decide the ratio of consultancy to man-hours most suited to you (if any). Our comprehensive consultancy saves the accumulation of costly & not always easy to measure in-house hours.

How much of our time will it take?

It will depend on the depth of in-house knowledge and/or the quality of consultancy procured. We normally take onboard the bulk of the work & it takes about 4-12 hrs of your time each week during the project phase – depending on number of standards you are pursuing & the size of your organization.

How do we select a suitable consultancy?

Obviously we would prefer if you chose us! We would advise that you look at track records, take references, decide which consultancy process is most suitable to you & identify what support your consultant has at hand. Make sure it is UKAS – government warning.

Do we need a full-time Quality or Environmental Manager?

We would normally recommend a Quality or Environmental Representative rather than a full-time Manager as a good system should be integral to your working practice & not require additional effort.

Why is attaining UKAS registration more expensive than other options?

A member body of ISO (The International Organization for Standardization) is the national body “most representative of standardization in its country”. Only one such body for each country is accepted for membership of ISO. In this country it is The United Kingdom Assessment Service, UKAS approved bodies only recommend companies for registration if they fulfil all of the requirements of the applicable standards.

Non-UKAS approved bodies often set their own standard of acceptance which is normally easier to achieve & sometimes impossible to fail! It can be considered as credible as a driving instructor issuing his own licences! Hence less time, less effort – less recognition!

If you have any other questions you would like to ask, please submit via our enquiry page.