ISO 9001

ISO 9001:2015 UKAS Certification

Sole Proprietor or Multinational, finding a route to ISO 9001 Certification is a minefield – beware of anybody telling you it doesn’t need to be “UKAS” – government warning. At QMUK we don’t try to re-invent the wheel, our consultants are fully trained to interpret the ISO 9001 standard for you, using your specific sector knowledge to create the best system of working for you. Our philosophy is to rationalize procedure content & simplify your system. Our process to achieving guaranteed UKAS ISO 9001 Certification is well trodden, simple, robust & as follows:-

ISO 9001 Step 1: Initial meeting to gain knowledge of your organization:

While supported by a team, a dedicated consultant is assigned to your ISO 9001 project. During the initial meeting your consultant will familiarize their self with your business gathering information & explaining the entire ISO 9001 Certification process to you & your colleagues.

ISO 9001 Step 2: Draft ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS):

Your consultant will produce & email an ISO 9001 documented system specific to you for review.

ISO 9001 Step 3: Management System Completion:

During the second visit your consultant will fully explain the ISO 9001 system to you & agree any changes. You will be given a ISO 9001 Gap Analysis & instructed on how to fill these gaps in preparation for ISO 9001 UKAS Certification.

ISO 9001 Step 4: Assistance in implementation:

For larger organizations there will be visits to coordinate & maintain momentum towards ISO 9001 UKAS Certification. For all companies there will be continuous & free support by email & telephone.

ISO 9001 Step 5: Internal Audit of system & training of auditor/s:

It is compulsory to conduct a full Internal Audit prior to formal UKAS ISO 9001 Assessment. Your consultant will fully audit all aspects of your company to ensure your system is working for you & your people are effectively working within it. At this time someone from your company will be trained to conduct your future internal audits, leaving you self-sufficient with no need to pay for our services again! The audits are left in a simple questionnaire format specific to your company & it’s processes. The audit can be seen as a “dummy run” prior to the formal UKAS ISO 9001 Assessment.

ISO 9001 Step 6: Finalise Quality Management System:

Should the audit identify areas for improvement we will revise your ISO 9001 Quality Management System as required.

ISO 9001 Step 7: Assistance in application for UKAS Assessment:

We will advise of UKAS approved certification bodies, help to obtain quotes & arrange date/s for ISO 9001 assessment.

ISO 9001 Step 8: Preparation for UKAS Assessment:

We will follow-up our audit & ensure you have adequately addressed any deficiencies found. The ISO 9001 UKAS approved Assessment/Certification process will be fully explained to you.

ISO 9001 Step 9: Representation/Support during UKAS Assessment:

The UKAS approved body will not be there to interrogate you; they will merely be looking for evidence that you are compliant with your own system & the ISO 9001 standard itself. This process can be daunting to those experiencing it for the first time – fear of the unknown. Your ISO 9001 consultant will use their experience to allay those fears & help you point your assessor in the direction of the evidence they are seeking.

While registration to ISO 9001 improves customer perception & gains preference on tenders it does not necessarily mean your company will improve in any way. It only guarantees consistency – as you are working to a system. In fact a poor system could equally gain certification, but merely add bureaucracy to your organization. Proceeding registration, your unique system would continue to monitor & measure both customer perception & the efficiency of your organization, providing the catalyst for continual improvement, facilitating & controlling the growth & development aspirations of your company.

ISO 9001 Programme duration is normally 3-9 months and is dependant on the size & complexity of your business/organization. We have fast-tracked to 30 days, but that is exceptional.

ISO 14001 Certification can easily be achieved simultaneously; rationalizing documentation content & minimizing consultation fees.

(Comprehensive & practical ISO packages tailored to suit company’s individual needs, at a cost redeemable by increased organizational efficiency & profitability.)


We offer a full range of services if required & including, Internal Auditing, System Revision, Training etc.