ISO Logo a Mark of Trust…..or NOT?

Obtaining ISO Certification should be a mark that a company has achieved the requirements of an International Standard and is independently audited ongoing to ensure standards are maintained, however not all badges are equal & neither are all Certifications – Buyer Beware!

If a company is displaying the actual ISO Logo it is fraudulent as ISO do not permit anybody to use their logo.

Buyers can easily be duped or confused, the below logo is for the International Socialist Organisation.

ISO only recognise one member body from each country and that body must also be recognised by their Gov – in the UK it is UKAS. Only a UKAS Certification can guarantee independent ISO recognised certification in the UK.

Check for the UKAS logo or that the Certification Company is UKAS Approved, then ask for a copy of the company’s certificate – don’t rely solely on a logo or a claim…

#iso9001 Quality

#iso27001 Information Security

#iso14001 Environment

#iso45001 Health & Safety

#iso22301 Business Continuity

#iso20000 IT Service Mgt

…we deliver Independent #UKAS #Certification only –

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